One of the popular tourist activities in the province of Bohol is cruising down Loboc River while buffet dining on a floating restaurant. Emerald green because of the algae, Loboc River is 12 meters wide and 4 meters deep (I don't know how long it is). You don't cruise down the whole river, but the ride is around 40 minutes. At the turning point, you'll find three mini waterfalls and a band of musicians on a floating raft playing folk tunes for the tourists. I did some changes on the original photo like cropping the bottom and adjustint the saturation, brightness and contrast levels to really depict the colors of the river.
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  1. Nita Says:

    Sis, I look forward to go there. Wala pa sab ko ka try didto. Lami kuno ang pagkaon wahehehe...

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