One of the many things that is currently on my wish list is getting myself a new, and more efficient desktop printer. You see, while our good old inkjet still churns print outs of acceptable quality, I feel that a four year old printer renders it a wee bit close to its projected life span and full depreciation value. I have also been having a difficult time getting hold of replacement printer cartridges since our printer model is close to being obsolete. But since expenses are piling up (and oh boy, how!) in connection with our upcoming house move, a printer upgrade, at the moment, would have to wait.

As an interim solution, it seems that I have no choice but to maintain a sizeable laser printer cartridges inventory so I can avoid cartridge replacement concerns. My friends have also suggested that ordering a toner refill instead of those original cartridges could pretty much save the day, especially if I encounter printer cartridge inventory problems. I think this is a great remedy for the meantime. I am thankful too that my friends have referred me to

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