It's been a month already since I am looking for a new laptop not for myself but for my friend. He wanted to buy laptop to give it to her long time girlfriend. Is not it sweet? Wow! What an expensive gift right? I wish someone will also think of giving me that kind of gift. If that will happens, for sure I will jump for joy! And if so happen that the one who gave me that gift is courting me, maybe without second thought I will give him my sweetest yes. Yeah, I know I sound materialistic but you know that is life and I am just being vocal and honest.

Anyway, I was talking about laptop here, since my friend is busy with his work and no time to look for one he asks me if I can help him. Of course I cannot say no. I do not have any idea actually about laptop specs cause I am used of desktop. I find help from online market and compare each from price to specs and since I am not a techie person I had hard time understanding of Laptop batteries, DDR and other laptop parts.

So to understand more of this I decided to look for a laptop in real market so someone can really explain it to me. As a reward for helping him in looking for a laptop for her girlfriend he gave me this Cell Phone Cases and TV DLP Lamps which are just perfect because I do not have budget anymore to buy it.

Speaking of laptop batteries, I found out that provides a great selection of TV parts, TV DLP lamps, and TV replacement parts for major brands at prices that fit your budget. So if you want to replace your cell phone cases or laptop batteries, is a good place to visit.

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