Europe is a dream destination of many people. While this very large continent is made up of many different independent countries with their own language, each one is special, unique, and just full of old world culture that people would want to see, feel, taste, and smell. It is a place of dreams for many travelers young and old from far and wide.

Take for example Vienna. Where in the world would you need to ride in gondolas to go about the city? They have made a wonderful way living in this city that got submerged under water. Now people would want to ride gondolas while sipping wine under the stars. They think it is romantic. And Vienna Design is just so unique that many casinos in the world have made replicas simulating the lifestyle in Vienna! You could very well enjoy Vienna in Las Vegas and in Macau if Europe is too far for you. You can stay in their Vienna inspired hotel casino and relish Vienna-style treatment.

Switzerland is another unique has old world charm because it had once been ruled by monarchs but Zurich design is such that now, it is a combination that includes subtle modernity. It is quite difficult to explain, but they are just different and a must-see place.

Valencia in Spain is also another history-rich place. Valencia Art is a must-see when visiting the place. So many artists in the past came from here so a trip to their museum is a good start. Who knows you might be able to buy a knock off of a classic painting by a street artist?

There are so many things to see and do in Europe. One year is not enough to explore this continent. But by far it is the richest place in terms of culture, arts, and architecture. It is truly a place to visit in this lifetime if given the chance.

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