Audio conference had previously created a great revolution in the field of distance communication. With the advent of internet technology video conference also emerged as a promising medium of online communication. Audio conference is similar to making telephone calls in which two parties can call in front of each other. This technology is also called audio teleconference. Unique telephone umbers are assigned to users for an audio talk. One can start online talk with another person by dialing the unique telephone number assigned to him/her. The basic difference between audio conference and video conference is that the latter has facility of viewing the person on other side through a monitor screen.

Audio conference is a good option to get connected within a large business house and give instruction to employees in different cabins. It can also help in distance conversations. Video conference has additional benefits when compared to technology of audio conference. Now it has become very popular and is actively being used in business conferences, education meetings, online teaching and healthcare services. Video conference is also being used in the field of telemedicine. One can easily meet and interact with people in remote locations, without expending money on long distance travel.
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