Do you frequently watch the television? If yes, do you also notice that some actresses changes their hairstyle very often. In their production number in their afternoon variety show they have a very long hair even when they are sporting a short-layered hair. Don't you wonder how they do it? Maybe they know some cheap hair extensions that is why they can afford to change their hairstyle very often. This does not only happen in daily shows but even in movies.

I guess those actresses who are endorsing hair products have a clause in their contracts that they cannot have their hair too short so they use wigs and hairpieces instead if there is a need for a short hair in their movie role. Or if it is the other way around, if they have a pixie cut but needs to portray a character with long hair, perhaps the costume manager looks for remy hair extentions that will suit the actress.

Because of the availability of such hair materials, both costume managers need not to worry if their actresses does not sport the hair they need in the role they are about to portray. Also, actresses have the chance of landing in a role they really wanted to play even when they cannot adjust their hairstyle permanently for that role. What a win-win situation for both parties.
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