Amongst the different subjects that we had during our first year in college, my least favourite would have to be Finance 101. All we did was memorize a lot of terms. During exam time, we had to memorize a lot of things that one can't possibly memorize everything overnight. Only geniuses can do that and I am definitely not a genius. I actually envy those who can memorize a lot of things in one sitting.

What is even more impressive is how everything seems to make sense for them. They don' really need to try that hard to understand everything that they are memorizing. During that time, I knew what personal checks and bank checks are even if I don't really have a clear idea what's the difference between the two or if they are even one and the same. I even knew the correct process on how to buy checks.

Since I am aware that each subject is equally important, I spent extra hours at home studying that subject. I wasn't even afraid to ask my close friend and classmate if I do not understand anything or if I am confused with a certain topic. We would search online for sites that can help us understand our lessons in Finance better like, a website which offer cheap personal checks. Extra Value Checks offers a large selection of high quality cheap personal checks guaranteed to meet bank specifications.

Good thing this certain friend has also become my study buddy. We help each other in subjects that we are having a hard time with. After studying hard for a couple of days, I am able to understand our lessons better. It doesn't seem to be as confusing as before. I knew that with a bit of hard work, I will be able to do well overall in school not just in one particular subject. It actually felt great when you are finally able to understand a certain topic after being confused and intimidated at first.

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