There are different kinds of cups available for use in the market nowadays. These cups are used mostly for storing and drinking different kinds of beverages. Whether it is coffee or fruit juices or any other beverage one thing common with all of them are the stadium cups. These cups are so named because initially these were used by the spectators in the different stadiums for drinking different kinds of beverages. Be it a football game or a game of rugby you will always find the plastic cups in the hands of the most of the spectators. There are many businesses which thrive on these cups.

Main features of these cups

The stadium cups are usually made of paper nowadays .This is because paper is easily recyclable and also biodegradable, but the problem with making paper cups is the less availability of paper. Hence, people have shifted to using more plastic cups. The plastic cups are also harmful for the environment. The best thing is to use recyclable plastic which can be used many times, this also helps to protect the environment and the cups are also available for use to the customers. The cups can be customised according to the choice of the customers and can be used by one and all.

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