Look how great mother nature is!This is the famous Chocolate hills located two kilometers from my hometown Batuan.This is situated at Carmen,Bohol.I'm blest that I'm a Boholano and can see this wonderful site as often as I want to.For all who loved nature this is a perfect place to go and enjoy your adventure.It has 1,268 perfectly coned-shaped hills of the same size covering more than 50 kilometers.This is covered with green grasses during rainy seasons and it will turn brown during dry seasons.Thus the name Chocolate Hills originated. Come and see our great Chocolate Hills and surely you will enjoy and have fun with your stay."To see this creation,is to know that there is a Creator."
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  1. Junemac1 Says:

    Hi, what a beautiful place and thank you for posting such interesting articles and pics.
    Hugs June xxx

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