Traveling and visiting different cities and countries is not all about beautiful place and breathtaking views. Food and fashion are also a few that invite tourists in visiting a certain place.

When you are in Valencia, you surely will be invited with the numerous rice meals that they have. Paella, where Valencia is most known of and where the said dish originates, is a dish made of simmered rice with some seafood or meat in it. You can easily get a chance of tasting this Valencian traditional food in many of the valencia restaurants.

If you enjoyed the Valencia rice dishes, you definitely enjoy a good twist if you visit Vienna. The most known food in vienna is not made of rice but mainly of meat like beef, pork, and other animal protein. The most common food that you can see in majority of the restaurants in Vienna is the Wiener Schnitzel, a delectable food made of pounded meat, coated with flour, bread crumbs and egg and then fried. Other than meats, Vienna also produces delicious cakes and desserts, which will surely complete your fine dining experience while in this beautiful city of Austria.

After a good taste of foods, you surely are in the good mood for shopping. If you are in Spain, the Valencia Fashion will surely urge you to spend a bit more for your clothing. The city loves fashion and the numerous international brand shops that can be found around the city will prove it all.

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