Technology is really good. Modern innovations have truly made our lives easier, interesting, and sometimes more exciting. We have more things to do, more movies to watch, more games to play, and more gadgets to tinker.

But whenever these things break down, we would need Electronics Parts so that they will be repaired and back to working again. If you are within the warranty period of your purchases, these electronic parts, such as those pricey TV Parts, may still be availed for free, including service. But after the warranty, sometimes the replacement parts and the service fees can be very expensive that it has become wiser to buy new items than having your old ones repaired. After all, money is hard to come buy so we make good use of our hard earned buck.

Because of this win-lose situation, we are having so much unrepaired stuff all over the world that we now call garbage. These gadgets and gizmos that have been stashed by their owners because of a broken part are contributing to the world's garbage problem. They are occupying land fills. We cannot blame people for opting to buy new ones, after all, their new and up-to-date gadget saves them money. It is the consumer system that needs change.

Just take for example Remote Controls. These things come free when you buy appliances but they are also the first ones to conk out because of either improper handling or over use. But having them repaired can be time consuming and can cost a lot of money whereas buying a replacement universal remote control is so much cheaper and easier to find, too. So you can just imagine the heaps of remote controls in some trash heaps somewhere!

So while technological advancements are good, there is also a downside especially if they are mass produced.

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