It is always every woman's dream to have a house that she can call her own, especially if she is already married and has kids. She would want to raise her kids in a healthy environment and she would like to do it where her and her husband's decisions are the followed, and not of relatives and extended family, especially in-laws. That could pose a lot of trouble for the family.

While many people can only afford small houses in housing programs, that is still fine for the woman of the house, as long as she is the queen of her own household. Who wouldn't, right?

When the home is set up, lighting is one of the most important considerations, next to the water source. Water and light are very important in our modern home because it is so hard to go about in the dark and without water. While most homes have fluorescent lighting fixtures because these are the most commonly available ones in hard wares and home stores, there are specialized areas in the house that could be illuminated by led lighting fixtures. These are smaller lights that often come in different colors and eat up very little energy so they do not affect your electric bill so much. But they often create some drama and mystery on a small space, especially if the choice of colors and positioning have been studied by a designer.

And while you are in the process of setting up your home, it would also be nice to have a ceiling fan in the middle of the living room because it gives a refreshing breeze to a wide area. And the air is evenly distributed. There are many discount ceiling fans available in the market today. These are not designer fans but they do the trick.

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