Ever since I gave birth to my baby I've been conscious of my diet, not only because I wanted to shed off the post-pregnancy weight, which would really be most ideal, but more so because I'd like to start living a healthy life and wants to jumpstart that by eating healthy.

I round up all the synthetic vitamins I have in my medicine cabinet, dumped them and replaced them with natural vitamins as much as I can. Normally, I'll just pop in a pill for Iron deficiency and take Vitamin E and C food supplements and I'd think I am healthy and is living a healthy life. But then, I just realized that if I can take all of these vitamins and nutrients from natural and fresh source, the better. So, for an ounce of Vitamin C, I'll drink some freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice and eat most of my greens and to get some Iron much needed by my body, I'd eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in it.

It is a good thing that I do not have any known food allergies so I can really eat any food that I'd like to without worries of swollen or itchy body parts. I also have no cases of food intolerance which makes it ideal to try other food that I have not tried before. I'd like to experiment on my food, see. And try out all the healthy and natural food alternatives we have around. I'd love making salads out of fresh vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and lettuce, or I can also sample some seaweed salad. I love snacking on healthy treats like tuna sandwich and a tall glass of pineapple juice. The fiber in pineapples is good for digestion, while snacking on tuna gives your heart its much needed break from fats and bad cholesterol.

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