My husband is in the construction business. Floor tiles in particular. He sells floor tiles to hardware stores, companies and end-users for a living. Being in this type of business, he is very much abreast with the latest in flooring and tile industry, about the latest innovation and the latest product out in the market and about his strongest competitor, as well. Apart from being an established professional sales man, having reached his monthly and annual quotas for several years now, he is also the go-to guy when it comes to all our flooring woes and concerns.

A couple of weeks back my friend is complaining about the carpets in her house and would very much like to hire a carpet removal company and haul all her carpets into the bin. It turned out that her children and their dogs did some very crafty handy work in the carpets and now the stains and grit won't come off. Carpets sure are a bunch of eye candies but is just one major headache come cleaning and maintenance time. So, enter my husband to the rescue. He suggested that my friend install tiles in her home instead of putting up with all the trouble carpets entail in a household full of children and dogs.

My husband quickly makes a list of things-to-do for a flooring makeover. He suggested getting some concrete polisher to even out and level the floor surface in preparation for tile installation. He also noted that concrete floor grinder will be needed to get this job done perfectly in the shortest span of time. He also volunteered to measure the floor area of my friend's house to compute how many tiles and tile adhesive she will need to cover her entire floor area. He also connected her with the right people to do the job efficiently and endorsed her to the branch manager of the nearest hardware so she can avail of a big discount.

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