If you think only the actresses and other known personality are the only ones who have needs for hair pieces, you are wrong. Even normal people are always on the lookout for black hair extensions as sometimes, supplies of this can be really scarce. Some beauty supply warehouse carry just a few lace front wigs for black women and some do not carry that at all.

The use of wigs and black hair extensions is not only for professional reasons. There are times when people opt to use such to have a better feeling within them, to regain that confidence in themselves that they used to have when their hair is still abundant and beautiful. Take for example the cancer patients who go through chemotherapy.

These people lose their hair as they go through this process. It is a risk they have to take to cure their illness. And in this very judgmental world, when these people go out, more often than not, others would give them a second look because of their balding head. Others resort in putting a turban like cloth to hide their head while others go for wigs. Whichever they use, they do it so they will not be on object of mockery.
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  1. G Says:

    My girlfriend actually got me interested in lace wigs. She use to sometimes get weaves and extensions which made her look great. But with the lace wigs she looks like a totally different person. Which kept things interesting it you know what I mean. I like looking at the pics and Youtube vids of girls modeling lace wigs. Now my girl wants to experiment with celebrity lace wigs. I am all for it

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