During pregnancy, women also get more emotional and moody because of the hormonal changes in her body. When they become irritated over small things, do not be angry on them as this will happen a lot. When they seek pregnancy advice, give them fitting pregnancy information. When they easily change their mind over things, be patient. This is why support groups play important roles in a pregnant woman's life. They provide pregnant women the ears that do not judge and the heart that truly understands. Support groups are crucial as there are cases when a woman goes through a hard pregnancy. Imagine this. What will one feel when she used to be very independent, an adventurer then all of a sudden, she has to let go of several things due to pregnancy?

One way to balance these emotional changes during pregnancy is probably focusing on womens fitness. The notion that pregnant women should not engage in physical activities is really wrong. They can still and should exercise as this will help them go through the exhausting giving birth process. Many exercises are specifically crafted for pregnant women. Ask your OB-Gynecologist about this first though before proceeding.

Pregnancy is such a complicated but at the same beautiful experience, don't you think?

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